20x30 Your Pre-made Designs



10# Tissue Paper

Available in over 75 different colors, our 10# tissue is what most people would recognize as regular retail or gift grade tissue wrap.

Advantages: It is soft to the touch and has a very elegant translucent look. It allows for a higher quality of print and better color matching capabilities.  

18# Tissue Paper

While only available in white, our 18# is a cross between standard tissue paper and a very thin wrapping paper. It is thicker and more durable, while still maintaining a bit of the porous look and feel that makes tissue paper what it is.

Advantages: It is the only tissue type offered in the 20" x 30" sheet size and does not require a bi-fold at any size option.

DigiWrap™ now has the ability to accomodate custom cut sizes on the fly, AT NO EXTRA COST!

Simply select the custom cut option and then imput your custom dimensions. 

Key Notes

  • Both new dimensions must be equal to or smaller than the standard size
  • The selected quantity will still apply for the new custom size